Lob Shot

In order to launch the ball high off the club face you will need a shallow angle of apporach and as much loft at impact as you can muster.  It is key to remember that everything we don in the set up and through the swing is for this joint purpose.


Chipping with your wedges

This is a standard chip with a pitching wedge, gap, sand or lob wedge. The action for chipping with your wedges is built on the same principles as the 8 iron chip and run shot. The main difference being that we want a slightly more downward attack on the ball. For that reason, the set up favours the left side a little more so.


Chip and Run

The Chip and Run is comfortably the easiest shot to play around the green. It requires a very short swing so less co-ordination required for beginners. It is also very forgiving on mis-strikes with thinned shots often finishing nest to the hole.


Advanced Chipping

To develop the elusive 'feel' in the short game, we need to be able to see a trajectory and then make it happen in one 'embodied' process of action and perception. This level of skill ownership comes from hours of varied practise around a green where you experiment with all options of set up and stroke.


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