Advanced Chipping with Wistia

To develop the elusive 'feel' in the short game, we need to be able to see a trajectory and then make it happen in one 'embodied' process of action and perception. This level of skill ownership comes from hours of varied practise around a green where you experiment with all options of set up and stroke.


Chipping Yips 1

The Yips is a lot more common than is generally believed. Most of us will experience some level of movement dysfunction at some point in our golf career. That said, very little is truly understood about the phenomenon. My approach is born out of years of dealing with golfers that exhibit the issue and my research into automaticity and motor learning.


Short Game System

The planning stage of any short game shot plays a hugely important role in the outcome. If you choose the wrong loft option for your intended landed spot then at best you will have too much or too little run on the ball. However, more often than not, you'll get a nagging doubt that causes us to poorly execute the stroke. Before you execute the shot you need to feel 100% congruent that you have made the right decision on loft and landing area. 


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