Wrist Hinge

A lot is made of the body motion in the swing but how you use your club, arm and wrist structure is fundamental to creating power and controlling the club face. Golfers have their own individual mix of how they pull and twist the handle and unwind the shaft but at the core of all of this is the basic understanding and attainment of the classic 'L' shapes.



The essence of a good golf swing is to 'Move Like and Athlete from One Spot'. It's the second part of that description that will enable you to put a consistent strike on the ball and maintain control of the club face. Everything we do has to revolve around a centred and balanced body position.


Basic Movement Sequence

The sequence of movement (kinematic sequence) that you make in the downswing is vital for generating power and striking the ball solidly. While tour professionals develop swings that look quite different from one another, the kinematic sequence is nearly always that same. Once you have a good grasp on the fundamental shapes in the swing then it is time to refine your sequencing.



The fluid motion of the club and body during the swing encapsulates the brain and body working together in harmony.

When it feels this good, the brain is telling you something.


Circle Concept: Overview

Since this topic is about the motion of the club head, it is of vital importance that we have a clear understanding that becomes central to our movement schema. The way movement is coordinated means that your concept around the motion of the club head will affect everything else in your swing.

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