Stop Hitting Shanks1: Technique

Stop Hitting Shanks1: Technique

How are you creating the shank?

Before hitting balls aimlessly, it is worth filming your swing from down the line and if possible, getting some launch monitor data. You need to establish your swing path and face angle. Since the shank can be hit in a number of ways there is often a lot of confusion as to the underlying cause and therefore, the best route back.

Beyond the path and face angle you would need to consider the elements in the video.

Line of Swing: Be mindful of the hand path and arm rotation in the back swing and through transition. (See related videos).


Dynamic Posture: Establish that your body shape/position through the swing is solid. Any change in posture is likely to lead to the hands getting closer to the ball at impact


Movement Psychology

People talk about shanking with a sense ownership. No-one HAS the shanks. You don't OWN them and you can't lend them out at weekends. 

They are merely a shot that you DO occasionally and easily avoid. Don't get yourself thinking in negative terms. Sure, if they occur regularly and all you do is keep playing then they will keep happening. Take action on the range as prescribed above and then you will OWN better contact.