Short Game System

Short Game System

The planning stage of any short game shot plays a hugely important role in the outcome. If you choose the wrong loft option for your intended landed spot then at best you will have too much or too little run on the ball. However, more often than not, you'll get a nagging doubt that causes us to poorly execute the stroke. Before you execute the shot you need to feel 100% congruent that you have made the right decision on loft and landing area. 

Technical Keys

• In general, aim to land the ball 2 yards on the green and choose a club that will have the appropriate amount of roll/spin from there.

• Everyone takes great pleasure from playing the high floating 'Hollywood shot' but there are easier ways to get the job done. Favour the lower loft option and get the ball down on the ground early. 

• Lower shots are easier to execute and control the distance. Moreover, if we mis-strike these at all then the results can still be surprisingly good. This is definitely not the case with a high lofted shot.


In the planning phase you will need to predict the roll and spin that is going to occur and this varies from shot to shot and not just due to a change of loft. Here are a few things to consider.

Considerations for spin/roll.

♦ The ball: are you playing a premium tour ball or something much harder? This is why you pay the money.

♦ Lie; bare lies will spin more and fluffy lies will hit a higher shot but with less spin. Ball lying down in the rough will definitley roll more than usual.

♦ Landing area; Up slope or down slope. Is it a sandy putting green? If you are landing just short of the green then this is a big prediction to factor in.

♦ The wind: I know it is only a chip but chipping into the wind will result in much more back spin than down wind.  

♦ Your method: Are you going to play the shot with a shallow angle of approach or more downward?



While this will give you a great framework to plan your short game shots there are going to be many occasions where you will prefer a different approach. There is normally more than one valid route to get the ball near the hole. Have a solid strategy but don't be entirely beholden to it.