Pitching: 30 -110 Yards

Pitching: 30 -110 Yards

This is an area that can be a tough skill to develop without the right technique. Put some time in and being a solid pitcher will pay huge dividends; be it to save par when you have been forced to lay up or take advantage of short holes and par 5s.  I think of the shot as having the set up of a chip and the commitment to the swing more akin to a full shot.

Technical Keys

We are not concerned with using the bounce for the longer pitch shots as we are the chip. The reason being that we will have plenty of speed on the club and the low point of the arc will be past the ball; hence, a ball then divot contact. To ensure the club bottoms out after the ball we set up more forward akin to chipping.

Set Up

• Stand slightly closer to the ball than a full shot.

• Position your weight to the left and align your sternum 2" in front of the ball.

• A regular amount of shaft lean


Change your distances by altering the length of the back swing and then commit fully to the same length follow through.

• Keep your weight and sternum on the left side as it is in address.

• Keep your chest turning confidently through the shot


• Mis-strikes normally come from either lateral body sway or slowing down through impact with the body and trying to 'find' the strike. (See mental discipline below.)

Movement Psychology

The common error here is to focus too much on the ball and try and guide the club through impact and 'find' the strike. This often leads to a breakdown in kinematics and form. 

Attentional Focus

Best practice is to place your awareness on the length of the back swing and commit to turning through to the same length and arm shape in the follow through with no attention at all on strike. This will take a good degree of trust but will significantly help with getting the right contact.