Lob Shot

Lob Shot

This is a shot that places a very high demand on skill and concentration. You will need to assess the lie before opting for this option. It helps to know the bounce on your lob wedge and of course, be highly practised before attempting this in the heat of the game. That said, it's wonderfully rewarding and great fun learn. Enjoy refining this shot over time 

In order to launch the ball high off the club face you will need a shallow angle of approach and as much loft at impact as you can muster.  It is key to remember that everything we don in the set up and through the swing is for this joint purpose.

Technical Keys

Set up

• A wider stance than a normal chip

• Stand further away than a normal chip. This shallows your angle of attack.

• Position your weight a tiny bit forward on the front foot with your sternum over the ball. In essence, the more back your weight, the higher the ball will launch but the more likely we are to thin the shot. Therefore we play off all the other factors that shallow the arc with a weight with a sternum position that enables a consistent bottom of the arc under the ball.

• Position the handle over the ball and lower than normal.


• Take the club away low and shallow and remember that you are going to need a lot of speed on this shot so a long swing back and through are required.

• Keep the loft on the club by keeping your left hand cupped in the back swing. Through the ball keep the face pointing upward by getting the feeling of your right hand staying under the shaft long into the follow through. This is very evident in the video

• Although the chest is turning back and through it is imperative that there is no lateral or upward movement of the ribcage. Stay completely centered.

Movement Psychology

Attentional Focus

Like all short game shots keep a wide field of attention (avoid staring at the ball in a way that narrows your attention) and create the internal representation of the club sliding on the turf just as you intend it to be. Your awareness needs to be on your rhythm and the slide of the bounce over the turf. The challenge is to keep your attention here when there is pressure on you to pull this one off in game play.



• This shot requires trust and composure so is best learned in a fluffy lie where you can slide the club under the ball. As your skill and focus improves progress to scenarios with less and less grass under the ball. 

• Once you get to the stage of playing this shot from tighter lies then an awareness of your bounce angle and sole grind are essential. Low bounce lob wedges are common place for this reason.

• Check you scuff mark to note if you are shallow enough. If not then keep practising the scuff without the ball.

• Be aware (film yourself if necessary) of any lateral or upward movement of your sternum.

•Remember that there is a cognitive skill that needs to develop with you. In your reflections don't always think technique but question the location and stability of your focus.