Impact Alignment

Impact Alignment

This is very similar to the 'low point of arc' video. It describes how we create the low point past the ball.


When we talk of impact we should be mindful that this is only 'point data', in that we are referencing a 'position' within a dynamic action. What we will not get is 'how ' the alignment has been created. There are ways to achieve good impact alignment but with very poor swing dynamics. There are those that believe that if one creates solid impact alignment than the rest of the swing is incidental. I am not in that camp.

To get the low point of the swing arc past the ball (irons only) we need to have something like the following alignment impact.

  • Shaft learning forwards via the late release.Not a cricket type drag and hold motion.
  • Body in balance and torso over the ball. Not leaning backwards
  • Pelvis opening up through the shot.

Movement Psychology

A lot of club golfers create poor impact conditions because they are too focused on 'hitting' the ball. Advanced impact alignment occurs through the intentions of moving through the ball and rotating hard into the follow through.Once we become overly focused on the ball (Ball Bound) then the body stalls and we lose our wrist/arm/club angles, dumping the club into the ball.

Learn to move through and beyond impact; never hitting at the ball.