Grip Essentials

Grip Essentials

The video outlines a neutral grip and highlights the key checkpoints. I would also consider it favourable to grip the club in a slightly stronger manner (hands more the right of the handle for right handers) which will allow for a more 'drive hold' swing that favours fast, athletic body rotation.I don't see too many athletic movements made with a weaker positioning of the hands on the handle.


Check Points

The Anatomical Snuff Box

This is the convex dent on the top of our wrist joint that proves a great reference for the positioning of the top hand.

The snuff box needs to be in line with the handle so that you can imagine being pinned to the handle through this anatomical feature, out via the bottom of the wrist (this will keep you from having a wrist that is set across the handle) and then through the centre of the handle.

The V's  

Both V's of thumb and index finger should point toward your right shoulder.


Diagram of pining through the handle


Grip Pressure and Over Control

In the video, I use a scale of 1- 10 with 4 being the optimal strength. Remember that we need to get fluid speed into the club head and that won't happen with a grip that is too tight. Equally, we need the hold to be tight at impact so as to resist the torquing that occurs with off centre hits. The reality is that we don't maintain the same grip pressure throughout the whole movement. 

By far and away, the trend I see with club golfers is to hold too tightly at address and through transition so as to feel like they have control of the club. That level of 'over control' greatly reduces one's ability to create speed and create a fluid action. Back to the saying, 'to gain control, give up control.'

Movement Psychology

Any change in the way we hold the club will feel very odd indeed. Don't confuse this discomfort with being incorrect. I can't tell you the amount of complaining that goes on when a coach suggests a grip change. The better plays just accept it as odd and know that the discomfort is only temporary. You will soon feel comfortable with an orthodox grip and reap all the benefits. So I suppose, what I am saying is; suck it up and get on with it.