Face Rotation: Basic Concept

Face Rotation: Basic Concept

Since the club face has by far the greatest influence on the direction of your shots, you need to know how it works during the swing. Moreover, a solid understanding of this concept will lead to better arrangement of your body segments (wrist angles, arm rotations, posture angles etc)

This is a very basic description of how the face rotates during the swing. How individuals pull and twist the handle differs massively, some of the patterns we will cover in other videos. It is however, crucial to understand the overarching concept of face rotation.



How you well you rotate the face can be seen not only in the ball flight by observing your arm structure in the follow through.

Movement Psychology

Note that the face does not gradually rotate through the downswing but only starts to close in the second half as it approaches the ball. The face should stay open during the transition stage.This takes a certain amount of trust; to leave the face open long enough to make a truly dynamic motion.