Dynamics over Geometry

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Dynamics over Geometry

Movement sequence is key to delivering the club powerfully from the inside path. If you swing over the top then there is a high chance that you do not temporally separate (move hips first) the pelvis from the thorax. You may not move the upper first but even moving together is not good enough.Rotating the torso or extending the arms early in the sequence is likely to lead to the club swinging over the top of the swing plane and swiping out to in across the ball.

Everything is easier once we have developed the right movement sequence.




Pelvis Sliding Laterally to Initiate the Downswing?

If you look closely at the videos of David you will see that he, like a lot of great ball strikers, doesn't have a lot of lateral motion of the pelvis in the transition phase. For a more in-depth look at this topic, (link here).

This is also covered in-depth in the linear vs rotation videos. 

There are knock on effects in the swing that depend on when you move the pelvis laterally. In short, if you move sideways first then you will increase your chances of getting the club under plane and delivering to the ball on an in-out swing path. This is often a very desirable trait for club golfers. Elite players, however, often find that this pattern leads to the club being stuck too far behind them and too steep.