Dr. Matt Bridge - Movement Sequence & Energy Transfer

Dr. Matt Bridge - Movement Sequence & Energy Transfer

What Matt has eluded to here is the importance of the peak speed sequence (link). In the direction of proximal to distal (close the body to further out) each segment needs to slow down in order to pass the energy onto the next.

This is an odd concept to get our heads around as elite golfers talk about 'turning through the ball' and 'keeping up the speed of the pivot'. What we feel we do and indeed, what our intentions are, often differ from the reality. This is where movement science can better inform coaches to reconsider some of the industry wide, long-held philosophies of the swing.


Movement Psychology

This is certainly not a conscious action but rather one that develops over time as the body/brain optimises the movement pattern. Where we see issues with lack of deceleration, certain drills can be used to refine the sequence. Normally, these would involve throwing objects, balance restriction and the use of an impact bag.