Chipping with your wedges

Chipping with your wedges

The action for chipping with your wedges is built on the same principles as the 8 iron chip and run shot. The main difference being that we want a slightly more downward attack on the ball. For that reason, the set up favours the left side a little more so.

Technical Keys


Set Up

• Start with your weight 65% on the front foot with a very narrow stance.

• Your main consideration at set up is that your sternum is in front of the ball. This will position the bottom of the arc forward of the ball enduring that you we hit the ball on the descending part of the arc.

• Position the ball in the middle of the stance. (See advanced chipping for options)



• The action is an extension of the putting stroke so will feel fairly stiff wristed with just enough play in the wrists to allow a for a flowing motion of the club head.

• Aim to swing the club head the same length back and through. This will encourage a smooth flowing rhythm that accelerates through the ball.

•Allow your chest to turn in sync with the motion of the club head but keep your sternum centered ans still throughout the action.

Movement Psychology

Attentional Focus

•  The end point here is the contact in the grass. Use your pre shot routine to establish just the sound you want from the club scuffing the ground. If you are using the bounce will then you will be able to create a noticeable 'thud'. A lot of my students start by being too careful with the scuff by trying to only skim the surface of the grass. This allows no room for error.

• Having established the sound and feel of your desired scuff in the PSR, keep that internal representation in your mind throughout the shot. You should also be able to have your intention on a crisp finish position.