Chipping Yips 1

Chipping Yips 1

Firstly, establish whether your chipping issues are YIP based or just poor form. The litmus test for me is to see if you can make a smooth action that scuffs the grass in the practise swing. Can you then repeat that action with the ball there and under pressure situations?If no is the answer then we are looking at a mental factor that may be the YIPS or just a poor level of mindfulness during the shot (this is one and the same thing to me. It's just a matter of how much).

The YIPS are created through an interaction of the factors below:

Technique - Attentional Focus - Pressure.

Movement Psychology

Ball Focus

If you are anxious about creating a strike then it will show up in your movement. We can't deny being anxious but we can focus our attention in a way that makes a meaningful smooth action and strikes the ball as a consequence. Here are our priorities:

  • The main deal is that you can create the required skid of the club on the grass. This needs to be the correct depth and in the right place. Establish this always, in your practise stroke. Mindful focus on this aspect will also detract from the debilitating ball focus.
  • Keep your attention wide. For me, this means a heightened awareness of the two ends of the stroke. (backswing and follow through). This will keep the movement fluid and uninterrupted

Focusing on the ends of the swing and the scuff may seem like a lot but the nature of focus makes this much more achievable then you may initially think. It also occupies working memory.

You think you feel pressure!

Think about me here; there is nothing less convincing than when the yips coach duffs his demonstration chip. As someone that has experienced the yips on several occasions, I feel this pressure every time I deliver a session.I employ all of these strategies when demonstrating and you may notice that I also talk while I am hitting the shot. This also has the effect of occupying working memory. Try it for yourself.