Chipping From an up Slope

Chipping From an up Slope

This is one of the easier scenarios to find ourselves in as it adds loft to the shot. That's great news if the shot requires a high ball that lands softly but extra height means harder to control so you may want to use left loft than normal to compensate.

Technical Keys

Set up

•Adjust your weight so that you align your shoulders parallel to the hill 'almost'. Get parallel and then lean into the shot slightly as you would a chip from a flat stance.

• Play the ball forward of the middle of your stance. This is where the club will naturally bottom out and make contact with the hill without digging into the ground.

Don't have too much shaft lean as this will dig the front edge into the slope. Start with the handle just over the ball.


• You will need a longer swing than normal due to the added loft. This will take some practise to get your head around.

• Don't let the club come through with excessive loft by allowing your wrists to scoop under the ball. 


It is common for players to get too steep into this shot and dig into the ground. Use your PSR to refine your angle of approach until you are smoothly skidding the club in the grass and up with the contour of the slope.You may need to adjust your weight and body/ball position to achieve this.

Movement Psychology

Stay mentally with the shot (scuff in grass) until after strike. It is common for players to lose that focus and be overly concerned with the outcome.