Chipping from the Rough

Chipping from the Rough

When planning your short game shots around the green the first consideration needs to be the lie. This will then determine your options; if the ball is lying down in the grass, as it is in this example, then a spinning shot that stops quickly is of the table. Choose plenty of loft (SW or Lob Wedge) and allow for the ball to come out fairly low and run more than normal.

This shot requires a steep downward action into the back of the ball so the set up and swing keys below are built around that end goal.

Technique Keys

Set up

•.Wider stance than a normal chip

• Weight more forward with sternum a few inches in front of the ball.

• Hold low down on the handle and lean the shaft forwards of the ball.



• Pick the club upwards with the wrists in the back swing.

• Strike firmly down and through the shot being sure to accelerate past the ball.

• Maintain the forward shaft lean through the shot. Don't let the club arc out in a scoopy manner. We are aiming to hit down on the ball, not lift it out from underneath.




• Keep the weight on your left side and sternum still. With the steep angle of attack, if you hit the ground at all behind the ball it will not move very far.

Movement Psychology

Clear Intentions

It is vital that you are fully committed to swinging the club through the ball and accelerating past impact. It is too easy to get caught in two minds and be too delicate through the ball. Be clear on your intentions before and commit to the movement.