Chipping From a Down Slope

Chipping From a Down Slope

In my experience of working with club players, this is a shot that causes a lot of problems. You are almost certain to need it in every round of golf so take some time and learn how to deal with a chip from a down slope. Like most shots, It starts with understanding your viable options.

Technique Keys

You must deliver a downward strike on the ball so that you get the normal 'end point' of the scuff. For this to happen on the down slope you not only match the incline of the hill but be more vertical so as to hit down on the ball. This demands a fairly vertical up and down action of the club head. In turn, this will reduce the loft of the shot so depending on the flag position you are more than likely going to require your most lofted wedge (Sand Wedge/Lob Wedge)

Set up

• Take a wide stance so that you can lean with the slope.

• Align your shoulders so that they are parallel with the slope. This will place the majority of your weight on the lower foot.

• Place the ball in the back of your stance and lean the shaft forward.


• Make the swing vertical enough to hit down on the ball and get the normal scuff. This will mean picking the club head up with the wrists in a way that you wouldn't do normally when chipping.

• The ball will come out fast and low so keep the back swing short.


The most common mistake with this shot is to blade the ball because either the angle of approach is too shallow or the golfer tries to lift it by adding loft through impact.

Movement Psychology

Your instinct is going to urge you to get the ball in the air but that is mental challenge of the shot. Any attempt to add loft in this scenario is likely to lead to skulling the ball through the green. Can you stay with the intention to scuff down the with the slope and accept that it will come out low and hot.