Chip and Run

Chip and Run

The Chip and Run is comfortably the easiest shot to play around the green. It requires a very short swing so less co-ordination required for beginners. It is also very forgiving on mis-strikes with thinned shots often finishing nest to the hole. Learn this shot well and it will also become your gateway to being able to play the more elaborate chip shots.

Technical Keys

• The chip shot is an extension of the putting stroke: Stand closer to the ball and more upright than on full shots.

• Use no wrist action.

• Where possible land the ball on the front of the green and let it run to the hole from there.

• An 8 iron will fly approaximatly 20% and roll the rest of the journey.

• This shot can only be playerd from a good lie. A ball sitting down in even semi rough will require more loft and a decending blow.


More experienced players will appreciate that the lack of spin on the shot takes out a huge variable that we see with more lofted chips.

The shot is especially useful for running the ball up a step in the green or when there is a long run out across a green. In short, whenever you get the opportunity to play an 8 iron chip and run, you should seriously consider it.


A lot of golfers I coach have difficulties controlling this shot but normally this is due to a lack of practice. If you find that the ball is flying off the face of the club too quickly making distance control difficult then the you are probably hitting down too steeply on the ball. Watching David play this shot in the slow motion footage you can see that he is just brushing the grass and not catching the front edge of the club in the grass and tearing the ground.