Basic Concept for Hitting Woods

Basic Concept for Hitting Woods

Basic Requirements and Challenges

The related videos on woods will deal with some of the more technical issues but this is a good outline of how to go about hitting a wood.

With so little loft on the woods (especially the driver) the emphasis on sweeping the ball and lining up the shaft at impact (so that you are using all the loft) is high.

Lining up at Impact

With the club being so long, a lot of golfers struggle to get the club head to unwind around the arc and line up with the shaft at impact. Often the golfer pulls the grip past the ball leaving the face very open and/or decreasing the loft on the face. A great way to conceptualise this and make a significant improvement is to use the circle drill. This brings into clear focus the arcing nature of the swing, the length of the shaft and the need to arrive in line at impact.

Pictures Required

Create a Sweeping Bottom to the Club Arc

To create a sweeping angle of approach while also improving your centeredness of strike on the face, use the drill in the video: Lining up a few tees, aim to hit the tee about a 2/3 of the way up the tee. With each hit, state whether the bottom of the club hit the top, middle or bottom of the tee. In order to strike the ball in the middle of the club face, you will need to hit the tee above centre. Being able to judge and adjust the height of the bottom of your arc is a key skill with woods.

Movement Psychology

Once you are happy with the contact in the hitting the tee drill, hit some balls but keep your awareness on the strike with the tee. You will be amazed how your strike improves.This is my basic mental strategy with the driver. I stay focused on how high up on the tee I am aiming to sweep.