Ball Below Feet

Ball Below Feet

The ball below feet shot is possibly the most challenging of the sloping lies. There are sigificant adaptations required in your stance and swing so take plenty of club and swing within yourself. I had a breakthrough with these shots when (after years of struggle) I stopped trying to power my body through and make what feels like a hands and arms movement only. The body still moves as result but my balance is and club face control is greatly enhanced.

Technique Keys

• The ball will fade to the right (right handers) so aim well left.

• Club face control is essential; we are aiming left to allow for the fade so at no cost do we want to shut the face in on the ball or we'll hit a destructive pull. Hold the face square through impact.

• Flex your knees more than normal

• Swing more upright

• Stay down and in posture for longer through the shot than would be normal. It is too easy to stand up early and top this shot.