Alignment and Ball Position

Alignment and Ball Position

Grip on First

I always place my hands on the handle before I walk into the ball. This way, there is less going on at the ball. I then have my feet together and the ball in the middle of my stance. From there, I can move my feet and know where the ball will be relative to my centre line. This routine has probably come about from watching Nick Faldo through the 90's.



Aim and Ball Position Interaction

When we adjust our body aim e.g. turn to the left, we must also move the ball position so it corresponds. I see a lot of students make a last minute adjustment to their aim and (in this case) the ball is then too far back in the stance. This really confuses people when setting up to hit a fade or draw.

Aiming Your Bad Shot!

We often tend to aim our predicted shot. This means, for me, aiming to the right to allow for my bad shot which is a pull. After a while, this becomes my entrenched pattern: I will aim to the right and then swing over the top to pull it back online. I am not saying that you can't play good golf like this but it kinda goes against all the swing practise I do. If you find that when you use an alignment stick, it looks off when you stand over the ball; take that as a sign that you habituated to aiming poorly on the course. The proximal aim point (see Set Up Routine) needs to be used on every shot.


The set up protocol in this video is what we could term as orthodox but it is not necessarily optimal for everyone. We should be setting up to suit our swing characteristics. That means that if your low point is back in the stance then you will need to accommodate for this in the set up. We generally say that a golfer has to 'earn the right ot play the ball forward' as this requires solid dynamics and being able to maintain shaft lean for longer.

Movement Psychology

This is the physical part of set up, which needs to become routine. You need to carry out this ritual without getting bogged down and becoming distracted from the shot at hand. There is a lot of psychology that needs to be integrated at this stage. So much so, that I have created a separate video for this. (see Set Up Routine)set upThis is the physical part of the