Advanced Chipping with Wistia


Advanced Chipping with Wistia

To develop the elusive 'feel' in the short game, we need to be able to see a trajectory and then make it happen in one 'embodied' process of action and perception. This level of skill ownership comes from hours of varied practise around a green where you experiment with all options of set up and stroke.

Technique Keys
Key variables to manipulate are:

Set Up

  • Ball position
  • Stance: width and alignment
  • Weight distribution
  • Postion of sternum in relatoin to the ball
  • Angel of club face and use of the sole. Chnage how the club interacts with the turf and the loft that is applied to the ball



  • Angle of apporach
  • Length of swing, Rhythym and tempo
  • Use of wrists and how the club head is allowed to arc


Trouble Shooting

  • While you are exploring the options bare in mind the key relationship between angle of appraoch and loft: A steep angle of appraoch will make the ball go lower and vica versa


Movement Psychology
While you are exploring technique options reflect on which type of attention gives you the best results. As well as the intensity you also have the location of attention to be mindful of. You will find that some options give far better results than others. Here are some optoins:

  • The ball
  • The club head motion
  • The target
  • The landing spot
  • Your body
  • The interactoin of club in grass