"Great App - Works Really Well!!"
Keith Olbermann (the App Store)

I downloaded this app after trying out the iPod version, and I am extremely impressed. The videos are of a very high quality and the advice given is very intelligent, clear and easy to follow.

"Golf Coach HD"
See2far (the App Store)

I play golf with a 9 handicap. I felt the information was useful and well communicated for any level of golfer. I would highly recommend this app. You cannot beat it for the money.

"Terrific App"
Allanjc (the App Store)

All I could think of was, “More! Please, Noel, teach us some more!”
I did two little drills I learned from this app and immediately felt a noticeable impact in my comfort level over the ball. Half a dozen apps, three “live” golf teachers, a couple of thousand dollars- and it takes a Brit half a world away to finally help me understand the swing plane better than ever before.

"Top Quality App"
Ollie1971 (the App Store)

This App proves real value for money. All disciplines to improve your golf routine are clearly explained and well covered with quality videos. Added comments are straight forward and easy to bring into practice. With the latest update I have not experienced any problems at all, seems to work flawless.

"Best coaching app"
By staff1986 – 29 April, 2013

Defo the best coaching app out there and well worth the money for someone like me learning the game. Thank you very much!

"Superb app for improving your game"
By Journey nowhere – 12 Jun, 2013

Great visual with superb narration make it visually clear what you need to do to review, refine and improve your game. Best coaching videos I've seen on the web. Better than my coach!

"The download rating"
By Chillyviking – 16 Jun 2013

I was unsure about this app as the rating level seemd too good to be true. It was quality app improved my novice game big time.

"Simply the best"
By davebains – 19 Jun, 2013

As a beginner this is simply the best for helping me get started in easy to understand videos. Thanks

"Everyday Golf Coach"
By Richard Tomlin – 29 Aug, 2013

5 star rating to Everyday Golf Coach ads yards, well explained throughout. Very impressive app.

"Best Golf App I Know Of"
BY muso100 - 24 Oct, 2013

A great app. Simple straight forward information, explanations, tips and drills delivered clearly and without jargon. I have used many sources for tips, advice and tuition from the usual golf magazines and web without any improvement to my game. This app (and it's sister app EDGC Power) has led to a real positive difference over the last 2-3 weeks. It is now one of the few references that I use. Linked in with a lesson or 2 now and then.