"iPad 2 user"
Tomk09876 – Mar 7, 2013

Instructional videos…5 star. Clear, concise videos explaining every aspect of the swing. Very helpful with exercises to practice proper form.

"Forget the rest, this is the best"
Brookie dale – 11 Sep, 2011

Having lost my game somewhat and getting fed up a bit, I took a chance on this. Wow what a turnaround, it's so easy to loose the mental game in golf and this app just puts it to you in a very simple an informative way.

"Must get this app"
Jameswilkinson777 – 24 Jul, 2012

Anyone wanting to improve their golf game has to get this app. Costs £4.99 and has to be worth £200 maybe £300 worth of lessons. Best app on my iPad.

"Even Better"
Oz gus – 17 Jan, 2013

Update makes what was excellent even better. Great training aid. The theory of teaching is much more holistic than is normally available. Videos are great in HD. Tremendous value

Hschr – 9 May, 2013

The app managed to give me a proper perspective around the overall principles of the swing (something no other golf instructor ever provided me) and improved my ball striking dramatically

"Nothing Better"
BY Not Quite Ernie Else - 3 Aug, 2013

This is a comprehensive training package, it's logical and well presented. It think it's excellent value for money but importantly easily accessed. Professional instruction, professionally delivered

By Indiana34 – 8 Aug, 2013

As someone relatively new to golf, I would recommend this 100% Very logical and structured. So much information!

"Outstanding Tuition"
By JackBen1234 - 6 Sep, 2013

I've knocked 10 shots off my score this summer.

"Everyday Golf Coach HD"
By Auld Wull – 10 Feb 2014

This is golf coaching at it's very best. Simple to understand, he not only tells you 'how' but 'why'. Don't hesitate. You'll enjoy sooo much more!!

"Must Have App For Any Golfer"
MSE124 – 12 April, 2012

I'm usually pretty sceptical when it comes to golf instruction apps. I really can't recommend this app and the Power app highly enough. Best £4.99 I've ever spent 10/10