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Philosophy Page

The Philosophy Behind Purposeful PracticeTM

Above all other sports, golf presents an extremely complex array of challenges for our skill and coordination. As such, the golf industry is overloaded with information on technique, 'tips', and products that promise a short-cut to lower scores.

The Purposeful PracticeTM concept has been put together on the basis that to acquire the necessary technique and dexterity one must commit to a continuity of practice over a significant time. The programme is built around the pillars of skill acquisition that maximise your return on input while having fun in the process.

A new and complex drill each session does not facilitate skill acquisition. Instead, we focus on the same core drills each week with variations.

This is the goldilocks approach to motor learning. If you know what too much feels like and you know where too little is, then you have an accurate measure of how to find just right.

The coach sets a task and designs constraints to the action so that by solving the task you develop skill and technique but without having to explicitly think and over control movement. – Think Mr Miyagi from Karate Kid.

In the downtime period after practice we continue to improve our skill as the brain processes the information. Sleep plays a big role in the consolidation of motor skill. For that reason it is much better to practice a little and often.

When it comes to dealing with pressure, there is no better teacher than exposure. Each session involves a light hearted skills challenge to simulate on-course conditions. These skills tests will also act as a measure of your progress. > See blog for more