Iain MacCaskill President of BB&O Union of Golf

The Berks, Bucks & Oxon Union of Golf Clubs, together with the three Ladies County Unions have been the leader in the Golf Partnership initiative within English County Golf. Noel Rousseau has made great contribution to this Club & Coach Programme, with his coaching of boys and girls at the Wycombe Heights facility, which was one of the twelve Golf Academies starting in 2009. Through his teaching, several of the pupils have been elevated to elite squads of the boys and girls County Coaching schemes. Noel has excellent communication skills, not only imparting long and short game improvements, also in the area of psychology, where his pupils are benefiting from a positive approach to their game.

Neil Manchip - National Coach to Ireland men's squad and Shane Lowry

I recommend visiting Noel if you wish to improve your golf. His knowledge and delivery style will help improve your awareness and ability to do what you want to do with your swing and golf shot. You will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Matt 9 hcp

Noel's psychology coaching has helped me take the technique learnt from all of the hard work on the range and translate it into performance on the course. The confidence instilled through the techniques of routine and flow have seen me achieve consistent improvement from a beginner to a competent player whose state of mind and swing can be relied upon in competition.

David Kearney: National Coach to Ireland Ladies, Turkey and Iran

Our Game is changing. The mind offers our greatest chance of changing with it. Noel Rousseau is a leading light in this area that will accompany us through this change. His work is extensively researched, well packaged and passionately presented. Don't be a sheep. Dare to be different. Go see him. Now

Jamie Little European Tour Professional

What I really like about working with Noel is that with him being a pro himself he understands how to make the mental side of golf uncomplicated and clutter free. I firmly believe that to be a great psychologist you have to have competed at a decent professional level yourself so you can really get inside a golfers mind and almost feel what they feel. The sense of FLOW we have worked on throughout my game has really helped me to give up “over control”. One of the most valuable lessons I had resulted in me lining up the putts almost instinctively without hesitation. I could go on and on about the many drills, exercises and games that Noel and I have used and in helping me gain more freedom in my game but I’ll let you experience them for yourself.

David Griffiths – European Tour Professional

Over the past few years Noel has helped me to simplify my routines and as a result I feel that my game has a lot more flow to it.

James Robinson PGA Professional

I am a fully qualified PGA professional with experience of coaching others as well as receiving help with my own game. I first met Noel at a PGA training session. It was his coach training that convinced me to seek his help with my own game

As happens to many PGA coaches they neglect their own game and lose some of their enthusiasm, this was certainly true in my case. Noel and I set a plan of 5 lessons over the last year. We worked on all aspects of my game but his work on the mental side actually helped me make great strides technically, something I was really proud of.

What was refreshing is way he looks at the golfer as a whole instead of just the position of the left wrist at the top of the back swing!

I now enjoy going out and just playing the game, I play more naturally with freedom and finally I can stand on the first tee and play 'to play great' as opposed to 'not play badly' a huge difference.

One of our goals was to bank a winner’s cheque last year; I achieved that with Noel's unique expertise.

What’s scary is that it is all true. Thanks for all your help last year!

I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to improve their technical and mental approach to the game to commit to a programme with Noel.

County Training Officer, Bucks County Ladies Golf Association

Having watched Noel work with players of all ages and level of abilities, including youngsters at the BB&O Academies and the Buckinghamshire Elite Girls, I am highly impressed with his approach. Through his own personal experience and detailed research he realized that something else is needed to turn that technically gifted individual into a player that performs with confidence and competence under many stressful situations.

This insight has led him to develop an almost unique approach to coaching. Not only that but his methods and presentations for helping players to develop the all round skills needed to play golf today are inspiring.

Whether it is working with youngsters new to the game or elite players, Noel can help that player to develop. They will learn to let go of all those negative thoughts, their game will flow more freely, they will learn and remember all that is good in their game and actually enjoy it more.

No matter what your level ability or personal goals in golf, his approach works – try it for yourself – I have!