Individual Programme

Individual Programme


Before embarking on any technique change it is important that both coach and player are clear on the end goal and the process involved. Through the assessment structure you will gain clarity on your current movement patterns and a development plan will be designed to suit your commitment and goals.


  • 90 minute 3D ASSESSMENT: £100

  • 45 Minute Session: £80

  • 2 Hour Session: £150

  • Half Day (4 hours): £300

There is no extra charge for GC2 or 3D technology but a 3D session will require a minimum of 60 minutes.: £100
Sorry. No packages are available.

Lesson Duration

The majority of coaching plans will include a lesson frequency of 1-2 sessions per month over an ongoing period of time. After a period of individual coaching many students combine these session with the Purposeful PracticeTM programme to maximize their improvement.

Performance Coaching Sessions

These sessions require a minimum of 2 hours and are designed around your own learning requirements. The sessions often involve a combination of mental and technical coaching. Ideal to cover a single topic in depth, to act as a ‘breakthrough session’ or for those students that travel an appreciable distance.


Please contact Noel for a consultation.

Purposeful PracticeTM

Get the most out of your coaching with this modern approach to skill acquisition. > More info

Group Coaching

Noel takes great pleasure in delivering engaging long-term group coaching programmes. There are specific groups for Beginners, Improvers, Junior development and of course, Purposeful PracticeTM.
For more information including up coming groups please see the venue website.

For all private coaching booking and availability please contact us.