Annual Winter Academy - Monte Rei

Coaching Trip

Annual Winter Academy - Monte Rei

Every March I team up with David Griffiths (Tour Pro and swing model from my apps) to host a coaching trip that will impact on your game for years to follow.

In Monte Rei, we have found the perfect location that is both quiet and offers first class practice facilities with the top rated course in Portugal. Each year we spend an idyllic 5 days dedicated to new learnings and reinforcing key fundamentals.

The days typically pan out with a classroom session after breakfast followed by a 2 hour coaching block, before playing 18 holes with the pros. It is an absolute pleasure to be able to deliver such an uncompromising learning experience.

The trip is for like-minded golfers and will give your game a thorough work out before the UK golf season gets underway.

“I look forward to hosting you at one these incredible venues.” Dr. Noel Rousseau

For more information on the coaching trips please contact us.

Summer Links Coaching Trip

For me, there is no more enjoyable form of golf than pitting your wits against an ancient links. The air is fresh and the courses designed to test a full array of skills and strategy. There is much less emphasis on length off the tee but every shot requires careful consideration in order to set up the next. There is no better playground for skill acquisition.

Each year I aim to run a 3 day trip to a classic links course (s) in the UK. The skills covered are specific to seaside golf but will broaden your game in general. After all, if you can control your shot trajectory and curve in the wind then a game at your home course will be child’s play.

The links trip is for like-minded golfers and will give your game a thorough work over with a focus on ball flight control and a deep appreciation of course architecture and strategy.