Traditional Bunker Method

Thu, 03/01/2012

Taken from an article I wrote for Today’s Golfer Magazine

Use the Bounce to Slide

Through the Sand


If you are looking to break 90 on a regular basis then you will need to be able to control the trajectory and distance of your bunker shots. For this to happen we need to have the club sliding through the sand with minimal resistance and that means using the bounce on the bottom of the club and swinging slightly across the ball.



- Open the club face by turning it to the right and then re-gripping the club. When you place the club down it will be aiming to the right of the target.

- Now turn your feet and body to the left until the club face is pointing only slightly right of target.










- Swing the club outwards and along the line of your feet

- Keep you eyes focused on your intended contact point in the sand about 2-3 “ behind the ball.

- The ‘out to in’ movement across the ball will allow the sole of the club to glide neatly under the ball without digging into the sand and slowing down.




Through the Ball

- As you swing down through the ball you will be swinging across your intended target line so be sure to keep the face open so the ball flies in the right direction

- Keep your body turning through the shot and the club accelerating to a full finish.