The Toughest Sloping Lie: Ball Below Feet

Sun, 05/29/2016

For many golfers this shot represents the toughest of the sloping lies and it is certainly a shot that took me a good few years to get to grips with. I knew the basic swing adjustments listed below but the key understanding for me was that stability is paramount and that I was better off taking more club and staying balanced throughout the swing.


Key Swing Adjustments

  • Bend more from the waist and have a good amount of knee flex
  • Swing a little more upright in the backswing
  • Maintain posture throughout the downswing. The bottom of the arc needs to be lower than normal so keeping your posture angles (knee flex and spine tilt) through the ball is vital
  • Aim left to allow for a fade. This is the most likely ball flight from this lie and it is better to work with it than try and fight it.

Here is the ‘Ball Below Feet’ video from the Everyday Golf Coach app.


Why does the ball fade from this lie?

There are a number of factors that create this flight

  • The steeper swing plane increases the likelihood of an out to in swing path
  • The lack of lower body movement generally leads to an out to in swing patch
  • The biggest impact is , as always, the face angle. The loft of the club actually points a little right off the hill.

Combine the open face with an out to in swing path and there is the fade. Of course all of this is negated of the golfer closes the club face through impact so face awareness is key.

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