Sweep for Distance With a Driver

Wed, 02/29/2012


This is a much overlooked skill with woods. We need to be able to feel where the bottom of our arc is to strike the ball from the middle of the club face (on both a horizontal and vertical plane) and also to create the optimum launch conditions.

Tee Height

We are aiming to hit the ball in the centre of the driver face so as a rule try and tee the ball at such a height that half the ball is above the top of your driver face. Too high and you’ll either swing under neath the ball or be forced to make adjustments in your swing. Too low and you’ll hit the ball from the bottom grooves of the club face imparting too much back spin and costing you distance

Control the Bottom of Your Arc

It is imperative with the driver that we are sweeping the ball cleanly off the tee and launching the ball forward. To steep an attack and you may sky the ball and you’ll certainly get unwanted spin. Place a few tees in the ground about with about 2” above the ground. Take a number of practice swings trying to clip the tee about half way up and not make any contact with the ground.


To improve your awareness of the height of the bottom of you swing arc say to your self after each hit where on the tee you struck. Either top, middle or bottom. Once you can achive the middle height consistently you will not only improve your angle of approach but also find the middle of your driver face

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Screenshots taken from Everyday Golf Coach Power app