Principles for Solid Ball Striking

Sat, 12/31/2011

It should be the intention of any development plan to improve key factors that dictate the ball strike and flight. In terms of the actual strike on the ball, there are several factors that will heavily influence your success.

  1. Correct intentions on how to ‘lift’ the ball
  2. A consistent bottom of your arc
  3. Dynamic impact alignment
  4. The ball position relative to the arc
Over my next few posts I’ll be covering each of these principles in more depth and how we can improve in each area. I’m dashing off to work/coach now so let me leave you with this clip of Mike Bennet from ‘Stack and Tilt’ demonstrating all 4 principles. What is especially evident is number 2, a consistent bottom to his arc. Having seen Mike hit balls live, I can’t tell you enough how impressed I was with the quality of the strike and his control of the flight. Especially as he had 50 highly knowledgable/critical PGA professionals watching him at the time.