Pitching 101

Sun, 01/15/2012

This is piece I wrote for Today’s Golfer magazine on pitching. It’s by no means exhaustive but if you want the nuts and bolts then here they are.

The Essentials of Pitching


Address Position

The set up for pitching is very similar to chipping. The stance is narrow and we stand closer to the ball than for a full swing. Be sure to get 65% of your weight on to your front foot and the ball positioned just behind the centre of your stance. Notice how the hands are in front of the ball.


The back swing length will differ depending on the length of the shot but always aim to create a clear ‘L’ shape between your lead arm and the shaft. Probably the most important aspect of the backswing is that my weight has stayed predominantly on my left foot.




Our intentions should be on hitting the ball forward. Let the loft on the club create the lift. This way, as we move through the ball, the shaft is leaning forward and the weight is still on the lead foot. This will slightly reduce the loft on the club but will ensure that we get the correct downward contact.




Commitment is the key. It is paramount that you keep your body turning through the ball and make sure that your hands don’t overtake your body action. In this picture we can see how I’ve controlled the club face keeping it square to the target for as long as possible.