Having the Correct Intentions for Impact

Sat, 12/31/2011

Upon learning the game it would seem fairly instinctive to lift the ball from underneath but it is this instinct that leads to an array of swing errors. In actual fact the club should still be moving downwards as we make contact with the ball. It is fairly common advice to ‘hit down’ on the ball but the important thing is not to strike down in the ground but to control where the club arc bottoms out in relation to the ball.

The key factors that influence the bottom of your arc are covered in the in the 'Strike Fundamentals' section of the Golf Coach app and will be elaborated on in future posts. Until then, have a look at this impact in slow motion. The divot starts 2″ after the ball and the arc bottoms out just after that.(You Tube video by knaapjen)

A lot is made of weight transition but the reason why a beginner may stay on their back foot is their intentions to lift the ball up into the air. It is also for this reason that the same novice has a breakdown of the wrist and arm structure coming into the ball. You Tube video from John Dunigan

Not until we understand the correct motion of the club into the ball can we create a solid and reliable movement. So what is the correct striking motion of the club?
The club travels in a circular arc that needs to bottom out in the right place. That concept is the key to quality striking. The club’s arc should bottom out some 2-4″ past the ball. This means of course that the ball is being struck on the downward part of the arc with the divot starting 1-2″ past the ball..

This video I’ve grabbed from You Tube (gyddor) explains it well. I like the drill too. It will condition better intentions into the ball.

Building solid strike dynamics doesn't happen overnight and as such, is one of our priority modules of the Purposeful Practice groups.