Effortless Flow in Your Golf Swing

Wed, 07/12/2017

The fluid motion of the club and body during the swing encapsulates the brain and body working together in harmony.

When it feels this good, the brain is telling you something.

There are a number of key scientific papers that back up our intuition on this topic; Focus on temporal (timing related) and rhythm aspects of our movement promote peak performance.  The nature of this focus is low in cognitive load while being rich in movement cues.


Negative Influences on Flow

  • Over trying
  • Guiding and steering
  • Over thinking the swing 
  • Choosing minute swing aspects to focus your attention on
  • Physical tension
  • An attachment to the result
  • Self-consciousness



Movement Psychology

You may have noticed that the list of negative influencers above looks like a list of likely behaviour under pressure. In which case, if we make a primary goal to generate a healthy sense of flow in our movement through the round then we are likely to counter avoid a lot of these symptoms.