Downswing Arc Pulls in Closer to Your Body

Tue, 06/12/2012

Don’t Re-trace Your Backswing!

This is a concept taken from the Everyday Golf Coach Power app which covers the dynamics of the swing in great detail. In the ‘Width in Back Swing’ video we emphasize the importance of not trying to re-trace your back swing in the downward movement. It’s clear from these screenshots how the downward arc is pulled to the left and closer to David’s body.


Swing arc at full width in back swing








Narrowed down swing arc







The Dynamics During Transition

The narrowing of the swing arc is largely created by the change of direction from back to downswing (transition phase). At this point, the legs and hips are pulling forwards towards the target and the club gets literally dragged behind putting load into the shaft. The wrists stay hinged as or in many good players, actually increase their hinge creating what is commonly referred to as ‘down-cock’.

As in this bat and ball strike, the right elbow is dragged closer into the right hip and there is a pressure on the left thumb as the wrists are being forced into a fully hinged state.

This movement not only creates more power by improved sequencing but also gets the club into a deeper ‘slot’ for an inside delivery path.


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