A consistent low point of your arc. Part 1/4)

Wed, 01/11/2012

Achieving a consistent, powerful contact on the ball is very much down to you being able to accurately predict where the arc of your club head will bottom out. Once again, here is Mile Bennett of “Stack and Tilt’ demonstrating this skill perfectly.


This level of accuracy and control requires a number of principles falling into place.

  1. Dynamic Posture: Holding posture angles throughout the swing
  2. Consistent Swing Radius: Keeping your hands stretched away from your body until late in the follow through
  3. Centre Point: Keeping your body from moving laterally in the back swing
  4. Arm Dynamics: Unwinding the arms,wrists and club head at the correct time and in sync with the body

This is partly why golf coaching can get a little messy at times. The pupil is normally after a relatively ‘quick fix”but until all these principles are mastered the ball striking will be a little unpredictable and heavily reliant on timing.

Dynamic Posture:
This is the principle of simply holding your posture angles until well after impact during the swing. This screen grab is taken from the Everyday Golf Coach app where I explain this concept in more detail and demonstrate the ‘x’ drill to create a powerful pivot motion of the body while staying in posture. The images represent a still at address position (top right), back swing and impact (main still). A useful thought is to imagine that your back side is touching a wall and must remain touching until after impact. This would keep you from standing up out of your posture prematurely.