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Bunker Shots Made Easy


This is taken from an article I wrote for Today’s Golfer magazine

Keep it Simple with a ‘Straight

Forward’ Approach


A lot of golfers overcomplicate the bunker shot when a straight forward approach can give fantastic results. If your goal is to break 100 then you need to be able to get the ball out of the bunker every time with a consistent strike. This is without doubt the best way. In this method we are not opening the club face so make sure you are using a sand wedge or even your lob wedge.

A consistent low point of your arc. Part 1/4)


Achieving a consistent, powerful contact on the ball is very much down to you being able to accurately predict where the arc of your club head will bottom out. Once again, here is Mile Bennett of “Stack and Tilt’ demonstrating this skill perfectly.


This level of accuracy and control requires a number of principles falling into place.

Having the Correct Intentions for Impact


Upon learning the game it would seem fairly instinctive to lift the ball from underneath but it is this instinct that leads to an array of swing errors. In actual fact the club should still be moving downwards as we make contact with the ball. It is fairly common advice to ‘hit down’ on the ball but the important thing is not to strike down in the ground but to control where the club arc bottoms out in relation to the ball.