Ball Bound Project

Ball Bound Project

If there is one thing that all golfers are taught, it is to 'KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL'.
However, this level of ball focus certainly does not match my experience and I would imagine, that of most professionals. Furthermore, through coaching and working with the YIPS I regularly witness the negative effects of being overly attentive to the ball.
As far as I am aware, science does not yet have the answer on this and the majority of golfers are taught to focus fully on the ball.
My aim with the project is simply to collect enough diverse experience from golfers of all levels, in order that we might be able to unpack some of the nuances of being BALL BOUND!

Using the forum below, please show your hcp/average score (this is a useful correlation for our study) and share your experience in this area using the following research questions.

*If you are an expert in a related field then do please get in touch.

Research Questions
During shot execution….

1. To what level to you look at the ball?

2. To what degree do you focus your attention on the ball?

3. What is your hcp/stage of learning?

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