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Everyday Golf Coach apps have 1000's of 5 star reviews around the world. It is unusual for an app to get such high ratings but rest assured, they are all genuine customer reviews from golfers that have loved the apps and seen results in their game. These are a selection of reviews from the app stores.

Everyday Golf Coach Power

"absolutely no BS"
chizz.alien - Version 2.1 - May 19, 2011

refreshingly wry and intelligent.
gave me the sorely sought-after information about the dynamics of the game, so i could improve MY skills… not copy some selfobsessed dork.
noel is a pleasure.
he just saved me hundreds of euros in lessons.

"Must Have App For Any Golfer"
MSE124 – 12 April, 2012

I'm usually pretty sceptical when it comes to golf instruction apps. I really can't recommend this app and the Power app highly enough. Best £4.99 I've ever spent 10/10