Golf Coach Power


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Golf Coach Power by Dr. Noel Rousseau, is a comprehensive coaching programme focused on how power is generated in the golf swing.
The two Golf Coach apps follow Noel’s general coaching philosophy, which is to first, acquire the fundamental concepts and swing ’shapes’ (see the Golf Coach app), then learn to move well and optimize your sequencing (Golf Coach Power app). This is an in depth look at the dynamics of the swing, coaching you to move fluidly with effortless power and control.


"absolutely no BS"
chizz.alien - Version 2.1 - May 19, 2011

refreshingly wry and intelligent.
gave me the sorely sought-after information about the dynamics of the game, so i could improve MY skills… not copy some selfobsessed dork.
noel is a pleasure.
he just saved me hundreds of euros in lessons.

Interactive Swing Sequence Feature

The swing sequence is an interactive learning tool that displays all the key moves in swing in the order that they occur.

The swing model has been filmed with a high speed Phantom camera enabling you to see all the finer points of the swing in super slow motion and full HD clarity. With a sideways swipe of your finger you can control the motion of the swing in minute detail.

Switch to ‘Automatic’ mode and the slow motion video stops at 11 key points in the swing, highlighting the relevant area for you to increase your club head speed and distance. A coaching video opens at each key stage to outline the swing concept in detail.

Download both apps for reduced bundle price