About Dr Noel Rousseau

Noel Rousseau is a specialist golf coach who as you would expect, places great value on the development of high level technique. Understanding how we learn and perform such movements is a key part of Noel’s day to day work with his clients and through his research. Beyond this, there are a multitude of factors that influence a golfer’s development, not least, the role of mindful attention during shot execution.

Noel’s research into motor learning and automaticity has shaped his unique insight of how a complex skill is learned and performed. This affords Noel a highly progressive coaching philosophy that is based on a broad perspective on player development.

Managing swing change and refining skill takes a structured and informed approach. The understanding of this process is what has led to the Purposeful PracticeTM concept that is seeing breakthrough change time and time again.

You can be coached by Noel through private sessions or in engaging group programmes. Download the Golf Coach app for fundamental concepts.

About Golf Coach apps

Known through his coaching for clear structure and presentation, Noel has utilized these skills to create 2 of the best coaching products on the market. Meticulously produced with your learning in mind; Golf Coach apps have topped sports charts around the world, featured in national press and won numerous awards. This is why…

‘Traditionally, golf coaching media are created by a partnership of production companies and ‘celebrity’ golfers who are wonderful players but have no experience in coaching and little knowledge of developing club golfers. The emergence of the app market presented the opportunity to develop a coaching product with real learning in mind. These apps were my chance to do it right and I am happy that the results show the personal attachment that has been the driving force behind these productions. It’s been hard work and fantastic fun creating the Golf Coach apps. This makes it all the more rewarding when we receive glowing reviews and customer feedback. A massive thank you to everyone involved!’