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Meticulously produced with your learning in mind; Golf Coach apps have topped sports charts around the world, featured in national press and won numerous awards.

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A dedicated teaching professional for over 20 years. Inspired to further understand what drives learning and performance, Noel has undertaken his own PhD research in a golf specific area of motor learning.

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A breakthrough in skill training! Developed to close the gap between knowing and doing, Purposeful PracticeTM is a regular gym class for your golf. Find out how to accelerate your golf learning.

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A diverse array of learning and performance topics inspired by 20 years of coaching experience and scientific research.

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What Golfers Think of our Apps

  • These apps constitute a truly remarkable and ...
    Dr. Michael S. Manda (Michael)

    I consider your apps to be a truly remarkable achievement. To so clearly present the critical aspects of the golf swing as an integrated whole is no small task. I have recommended your apps with much enthusiasm to many friends. 

  • "absolutely no BS"
    chizz.alien - Version 2.1 - May 19, 2011

    refreshingly wry and intelligent.
    gave me the sorely sought-after information about the dynamics of the game, so i could improve MY skills… not copy some selfobsessed dork.
    noel is a pleasure.
    he just saved me hundreds of euros in lessons.

  • "iPad 2 user"
    Tomk09876 – Mar 7, 2013

    Instructional videos…5 star. Clear, concise videos explaining every aspect of the swing. Very helpful with exercises to practice proper form.

  • "Forget the rest, this is the best"
    Brookie dale – 11 Sep, 2011

    Having lost my game somewhat and getting fed up a bit, I took a chance on this. Wow what a turnaround, it's so easy to loose the mental game in golf and this app just puts it to you in a very simple an informative way.

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